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We believe that a No Deal Brexit remains a possibility and therefore with the additional Customs burden that will be imposed upon us, the following action points will need to be followed:

Exports from the UK to the EU.

Please note that we will not be in a position to make collections, until all of the required action points have been completed.

1 An Export Declaration must be completed first either by:

a) the UK Exporter 

b) their Customs agent, or

c) their transporter or forwarding agent.

2 On being given the P2P (permission to proceed) by UK Customs, a Transit Form (T form) can be prepared either by the UK Exporter (if they have the relevant permissions) or their Authorised agent or by Fastnet Freight.

3 The T form must be authenticated by an approved Customs office and at present these can only be found in limited locations mainly in UK Ro-Ro ports.  Due to the inadequate Customs facilities, we will experience delays.


Fastnet Forwarding Ltd cannot be responsible for indefinite delays caused by the new Customs requirements.

4 Fastnet may be able to complete the Export T Form on your behalf, but only with an adequate Indemnity from our client, please refer to our website for this document.

5 There will be additional costs for this process which we are unable to quantify at present.

6 We must show an authorised Office of Destination on the T Form, which must be agreed before departure.  Ideally this would be the EU Importers location and delivery address.

  (We strongly recommend that EU Importers obtain Customs Authorised Consignee status, allowing them to clear Customs at their premises, in order to obtain the maximum benefit to all involved.)

7 Alternatively, we can agree to clear Customs at the EU Importers nominated agent, or another named Customs authorised location.         


Imports from the EU to the UK.

Please note that we will not be in a position to make collections, until all of the required action points have been completed:


1 An EAD Export Declaration must be completed by either:

a) the EU Exporter,

b) their Customs agent

c) their transporter/ forwarding agent.  

2 Successful completion of the EAD will lead to the relevant EU Customs authority issuing a MRN (Master Reference Number).  

3 A copy of the EAD & MRN  must accompany the driver and the load at all times until discharged at the point of exit from the EU (for example Calais).

4 If the UK Importer has a VAT number they will automatically have an EORI number and be registered for TSP.  Fastnet must be in possession of all 3 registration numbers before collection.

5 For UK Importers, if you wish Fastnet to assist with the final Customs entry we will require a letter confirming that we are acting as a Direct representative.  A copy of this can be found on our website.


Notes to the above:

  • It is very difficult even at this stage to advise on costs for each of the above Customs processes, we will endeavour to provide more information before 31st October.
  • We estimate that an export T Form from the UK will be approx £60.00 / €70.00 and Export EAD from the EU is estimated at approx €80.00 or £70.00
  • All consignments will be subject to both an Export clearance from the country of origin and an Import clearance in the country of destination.
  • For UK Importers using TSP, if you wish us to complete the post arrival Import entry declarations, the costs can vary substantially depending on the method of completion. Please contact us/Harbour Shipping for further information.
  • Most of the Customs processes that may be required can be provided by Fastnet Forwarding, or its sister company Harbour Shipping, or one of our specialist Customs agents.
  • We are not able to directly assist you with Excise Customs processes, but we can make suggestions.
  • We strongly recommend that our clients, and their Customers, help to streamline the process as much as possible by following our guidance notes as above.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel White


Brexit Documents:

Deed of Indemnity
Direct-Representation Letter

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